How natural language processing can help you overcome the challenge

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Watch this webinar to find out how natural language processing (NLP) can make your LIBOR transition quicker and more efficient by automating key aspects of your contract and document reviews. 

The webinar speakers, Dr Lewis Z. Liu, Co-founder and CEO of Eigen Technologies, and Bradley Ziff, Senior Adviser and Operating Partner at Sia Partners, will also give perspectives from their experiences of working with organizations on LIBOR transition projects and talk about current industry trends.

This webinar first took place on 10 September 2020.

Dr. Lewis Z. Liu

Co-founder and CEO Eigen Technologies


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About this webinar:

Bradley Ziff

Senior Adviser and Operating Partner Sia Partners

Amid the global pandemic and economic crisis, banks, asset managers, insurers and financial firms are still working towards the LIBOR transition deadline at the end of 2021.

If you and your team are looking at ways of making your LIBOR transition quicker and more efficient, this webinar will explore how natural language processing (NLP) is already helping organisations automate LIBOR transition processes such as:

Reviewing all documents and contracts in their legacy books

Identifying those that reference to LIBOR

Identifying those that mature post-2021

Flagging for further action problematic 'fall back' language

Extracting fields from the contracts that need further work or attention

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