Understand the risks. Know your exposure. Take control of the process.
It’s crucial that you fully understand the implications the transition from LIBOR has on your portfolio.

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How many of your investments are affected by LIBOR transition?

LIBOR transition poses both economic and conduct risk. You will want to start conversations with any parties affected by LIBOR transition as soon as possible, but to do that, you need comprehensive insights into your investment exposure in your LIBOR-linked contracts and the fallback provisions in your deal and sub-deal level documentation. This knowledge will allow you to take control of the process. 

You can then triage accordingly in order to remediate problematic contracts and communicate with affected parties.
If you don’t know your full LIBOR exposure, NLP technology is an important tool to automate processes within your LIBOR transition project in the short time remaining.

Eigen’s NLP platform can help you:

Why use the Eigen NLP platform?

Accelerate the process of identifying all impacted instruments

Enable you to triage documents by risk profile and responsible parties

Demonstrate you are taking necessary actions to prepare for LIBOR transition

Achieve higher degrees of accuracy and at a significantly reduced cost compared to manual review alone



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Eigen’s buy-side LIBOR solution

Eigen’s natural language processing (NLP) platform helps asset managers, hedge funds and investors accelerate the process of identifying impacted investments so they can take the crucial next steps in their LIBOR transition plans as we countdown to the deadline. Sign up for a custom demo to learn more.

How we work

Depending on your specific requirements, you can either use Eigen in-house and independently – fully supported by our experienced technical and customer success teams – or you can use our platform in conjunction with an outsourced partner if you’re seeking a full end-to-end LIBOR solution. Get in touch to let us know your requirements and find out how we can help you.

Beyond LIBOR

As well as LIBOR transition, the Eigen platform can be used to enhance and automate a whole host of future activities within your organization and can support your longer-term digitization plans. Sign up for a custom demo to learn more.